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Do you know how much money your store can make this month if your product is subscription based?. You can create and manage products and services, resulting in earning residual revenue you can always track and count on. You can introduce a variety of subscriptions for both physical and virtual products and services using this innovative platform.

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The Only Subscription Plugin You Need: WooCommerce Subscriptions

What Is the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin?

WooCommerce’s Subscriptions allows you to set up recurring payments on your site. Which means that this plugin gives you the capability to easily create membership plans for your customers, leaving you with awesome recurring income that you can bank on.

Knowing how much money you’re going to make each month is an incredible feeling, especially for entrepreneurs who have become accustomed to the financial ups and downs of running their own business.

By adding this plugin to your platform, you’re able to receive residual income – and build a business that magnifies its true potential.

WooCommerce Subscriptions Features

While there are other subscription plugins you can use with WooCommerce, the best one is the one that was built specifically by WooCommerce. The experts in every aspect of their platform’s capabilities, the innovators at WooCommerce didn’t miss a thing when they developed WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Fully optimized and incredibly capable, WooCommerce Subscriptions gives you everything you need to set up recurring, residual income.

In addition to being able to set up products, both physical and digital, with a subscription model, this plug in gives you the ability to customize the recurring payments. It’s never been easier to turn your current offer into a highly profitable monthly club, an exclusive private membership area, or an automatic refill subscription (for consumable goods, like razors, wine and dog food). You can customize your payments even more by using the synchronizing capabilities of the plugin, which gives you the option to send out all products the same day to better manage shipping. This feature will even pro-rate payments for you if you need!

And it’s not just you who can customize payment schedules! The WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin gives you the option to put this control in the hands of your customer. Large ticket items can be sold by setting up an automatic payment plan, which helps you convert prospective customers into sales faster and easier than ever before.

In addition to being able to customize when and how the recurring payments take place, WooCommerce Subscriptions allows you to generate additional income by setting up sign-up fees or adding shipping + handling charges. You can even create a free-trial period using the plugin, which allows you to capture their payment information now, charging them automatically once the free period ends.

Because this plugin was built by WooCommerce, it is completely streamlined for incredibly simple management. If you need to cancel a customer’s subscription, for example, you can do so from your WooCommerce store’s backend with just a click of a button. No shuffling back and forth between different accounts or hoping with fingers crossed that your plugin will be able to communicate with your platform correctly.

Your management system on this plugin let’s you do other awesome things, too.

For example, if you want to offer loyal customers an extra month free or add a product to current subscriptions, it’s easy. All of it can be done via your administration screen.

But you’re not the only one in control.

The WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin gives your subscribers the ability to manage their account as well. This one feature lets you lighten your customer service load, giving you time and money to invest in other important aspects of your eCommerce business. Your subscribers can login themselves, canceling, suspending, or changing their subscription as needed. They can also update their customer information in case of address changes or new forms of payment.

Want to drum up even more business?

The plugin lets you set up subscription coupons and promotions so that you can offer sales and deals as needed! Prepare for Black Friday, Cyber Tuesday, holidays, and other events.

What are the benefits of using WooCommerce Subscriptions?

The WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin is the most efficient, easiest way to earn more residual income from your eCommerce store. By giving a subscription model to your customers, you are able to generate more money with each sale – and without any additional work.

WooCommerce Subscriptions is the best subscription plugin available for eCommerce stores. Its streamlined functionality and easy-to-use features solve all of the problems business owners and entrepreneurs come across when wanting to start a subscription model business.

Why is WooCommerce the best?

Here are just a few of the major benefits:

  • Create several billing schedules to customize to your, and your customers’, needs

  • Choose from over 25 payment gateways to make taking automatic payments easy

  • Perform manual renewals as needed

  • Send automatic invoices and receipts through email

  • Features automatic re-billing so that when a payment fails you can try again (and again)

  • Allows customers to manage their subscription themselves, which means fewer customer service calls

  • Integrated renewal notifications for subscribers to take away any guessing games or complaints

  • Extensive reports that allow you to know every detail of your subscriptions and revenue

To get started with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin, all you need to do is purchase it, download, install, and activate. It really is that simple! Get ready for all the extra revenue about to come your way!

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  1. One person found this helpful

    5 out of 5 Absolutelly great

    Carlos Andrés

    This product do exactly as promised, it’s important to buy woocommerce memberships too, as they work together.

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  2. 5 out of 5 Excellent complement for my store


    If you have any kind of commercial site, you will eventually need this plugin. Every time I’ve enabled a subscription product for a client using this plugin, monthly revenue has drastically increased.

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  3. 5 out of 5 Best plugin

    Andrew Koster

    If you need to manage a subscription product in your WooCommerce store, Subscriptions is the best plugin available to make that possible! Monthly subscription services are a breeze.

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  4. 5 out of 5 Great extension

    Neal Ghoshal

    It’s a really great extension to be used for offering subscription-based products and/or services. It makes WooCommerce users to easily create and manage products that are simple, variable, intangible and even memberships, with free trials or recurring fees.

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  5. 5 out of 5

    Peter Stephens

    The truth is that I did not know this plugin payment system for woocommerce, the only one I had used was the typical configurable paypal. Thank you for sure I will be of help in the short term.

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  6. 5 out of 5 Essential for recurring purchases


    Woocommerce Subscriptions provides tremendous convenience and advantage to both ecommerce site developers or admins as well as customers that complement their shopping habits with a set-and-forget preference. Works well for digital and physical goods, as well as variable products with features that fulfill even the most exhaustive of needs. Great for selling things like services, trainings, licensed products, etc. The ability to set multiple pricing options, trial periods, payments installments or renewal periods, this woocommerce extension is so worth it. I initially got Subscriptions at version 2.2.9 which had a pretty major bug, in that it won’t allow you to set subscription limits. As of version 2.2.11, this has been fixed. Be sure to get the latest version. I like that this plugin extension supports multiple payment gateways for manual and automatic recurring payments, including paypal and stripe, and makes it so simple to set them up. It’s compatibility with membership plugins, especially woocommerce membership is phenomenal and really streamlines the process of managing and maintaining your customers, their levels, and access to various parts of the store and related product content as well as other product and subscriptions items. Regarding physical goods, if you add the Order Delivery Date extension,, the compatibility of Subscriptions makes it such the combination of the two plugins allows your ecommerce site customers to set a delivery schedule to their subscription order for which they can always get what they want at exactly the time when they want – yes, then set it and forget about it. Your online store customers will LOVE your site for just this feature. Be sure to look into WC Subscription Downloads as well, to enhance your downloadable products subscriptions. Woocommerce Subscriptions really opens more features to users and possibilities in terms of revenue stream. I’m continually surprised every now and then, by all the new ways in which I find that this extension can be leveraged, whether on my own projects or on other Woocommerce based sites that I come across.

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What type of subscriptions can I sell with WooCommerce Subscriptions?

WooCommerce Subscriptions can be used to sell any product or service requiring recurring payments. You can sell physical, virtual and downloadable products as a subscription. You can also offer services and memberships by setting a subscription to be virtual.

Can I sell Memberships for content with access control?

Yes! You can use Subscriptions in combination with WooCommerce Memberships to help manage content to be accessed only when a customer’s subscription is active, plus other great features to link member access to subscription products.

The Sell with WP blog also has an article on how to create a membership site with WooCommerce, Memberships and Subscriptions. It covers the relevant features of the plugins and provides advice about when this combination of plugins is suitable.

ow are discount coupons applied to subscriptions?

To learn how discount coupons are applied to subscription product purchases, refer to the Subscription Coupons section of the Store Manager Guide.

How do I restrict the number of available subscriptions?

You can use the built-in WooCommerce inventory feature for your subscription product.

Why does a customer need to create an account at checkout?

WooCommerce includes options to allow guest checkout, meaning customers do not need an account to make a purchase; however, Subscription ignores the value of this setting and requires all customers to create an account with your site whenever purchasing a subscription.

Subscriptions persist beyond a transaction and therefore must be associated with a user account.

Can a subscriber cancel their own subscription?

Yes, a subscriber and cancel and perform other actions on their subscriptions via the My Account page.


If you do not see the payment gateway listed there, it does not support automatic recurring payments. It will be possible to use it for manual recurring payments. If you want automatic recurring payment.

Why does PayPal Standard split the subscription when I add a sign up fee?

PayPal Standard does not provide a way to charge a sign up fee. As a result, Subscriptions needs to split payment the initial payment if it includes a sign up fee. It can then apply the initial amount to a separate billing period, which PayPal does support but unfortunately refers to as a Trial Period.

This may be confusing to your customers if they look at the subscription details in their PayPal account and see a Trial Period charged on a subscription with no free trial. Unfortunately, PayPal Standard does not provide any other method for charging the sign up fee.

This is just one of PayPal Standard’s limitations. If you can, it is recommend you use a more modern payment gateway, like Stripe.

Why only one subscription per transaction?

WooCommerce Subscriptions version 2.0 introduced a multiple subscriptions feature which allows your customers to purchase more than one subscription product in the same transaction.

However, not all payment methods support this feature. In order to offer this feature to your customers, you must either enable manual renewals or use a payment method which supports multiple subscriptions.

How can I sell a product with a subscription?

  1. Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Subscriptions.
  2. Scroll down to the Miscellaneous Settings section.
  3. Enable the Mixed Checkout setting.

Mixed checkout is enabled by default on new installations. You will only need to manually enable it if you upgraded to Subscriptions version 1.5, that is, your site was running Subscriptions prior to version 1.5. This feature was disabled by default on existing sites to ensure existing behaviour did not change unless store managers wanted it too.

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