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Building online business is not an easy task but is necessary since it is one of the best ways and means for a constant sales activity for business owners. It requires skills and time which one might not have in abundance especially is you are just trying to grow your business.

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While Woocommerce is free and has an open plug it, running a membership is absolutely important as it will help you enjoy limitless benefits. WooCommerce membership is not just another way of restricting your sites’ content. It is membership solution is integrated with your content and product. It is an easy to use, site-wide membership solution that brings your content and memberships together. It is the also the easiest when it comes to configuration and it easy to manage. There a lot of benefits you can get for being a member these include:

  • SELLING MEMBERSHIPS: In WooCommerce according to your initiativeembers can access from zero or more product of any type to a membership plan allowing them to support several types of memberships. You could also:
  • Create a product for the membership while tying the plan to that product to sell it, this is called Stand-Alone Product.
  • You could also grant access to a membership as part of a product purchase or grant the same membership access to from several product this could be a yearly purchase or a monthly subscription
  • Assign membership for an invite-only members area manually
  • GRANT CONTENT ACCESS STRATEGICALLY: you can do it so that only members have access to the content of your work, letting you schedule when your members have access to your work. You can also DRIP CONTENT, meaning you can schedule when your members have access to your content. For instance, access to certain posts or pages could require membership for a week or you could determine which content will be available in the free trial period with content dripping rules. This allows you to have control over how members use your site and enables you to introduce members to your content at your own pace.
  • OWNING A PURCHASING CLUB: Membership also allows you to turn your store into a publishing club by allowing you to create members-only product or allowing you to offer certain products exclusively to members, thereby drawing in more crowd for you. Product viewing can also be restricted to members hence the products are hidden to none members in your shop. You can also go for the Restrict Purchase option which translates to the fact that products are public but can only be purchased by members.
  • SPECIAL DISCOUNT: You could reward your members with special discounts as a way of providing incentives, this discount could be for all products, some products or certain product categories
  • AUTOMATICALLY PROVIDING INFORMATION FO MEMBERS: Members can find all the information they need about their membership in the member area from the MY ACCOUNT Page just by clicking VIEW. All or any of the section of the member area can be enabled to show list of accessible products, contents, and discount and public membership notes. This makes it easier for both you and your members to manage the account.
  • IMPORT OR EXPORT MEMBERS: WooCommerce also allows you to connect other services too this includes importing a member list from an email tool and exporting members to a CSV file in order to transfer member data from WooCommerce into other tool, you can also create new users or bulk upgrade the existing members by merging your file with the existing one
  • SIMLIFY COMMUNICATION: Running a membership site also allows you to communicate with and manage your members. This has been made easy with the addition of Member Notes on your pages in order that you can track information about membership for a customer or add your personal notes for your reference, making it easy to communicate with a particular member by sharing a note with them via email. You could also sent expiration and renewal reminder mails to notify members of their ending membership and encourage them to upgrade or renew their membership.

Membership and subscription is very is on WooCommerce although membership is fully functional as a Standalone membership solution, it works best with the most advances eCommerce payment solution provided by WooCommerce Subscriptions. This has more features and is more beneficial as it allow membership to:

  • Use recurring billing (monthly payment) for membership rather than annual payment
  • Use subscription as a payment plan while controlling the access length
  • Get free trials for membership via a subscription
  • Content dripping and restriction which could include free trials hence, you control what content is available in trials
  • Pause membership by switching a subscription
  • Members could upgrade or downgrade by switching a subscription.

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4 reviews

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  1. 4 out of 5

    James Maguire

    I had issues originally when I got the software but was followed up with and they made sure I got a working version. Thanks and good value.

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  2. 5 out of 5 Really easy to use!

    Rodney Davis

    WooCommerce memberships and subscriptions and they are really easy to use and well integrated with the whole WooCommerce experience.

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  3. 5 out of 5

    Steven Morton

    I finished implementing this plugin and I love it! Works like a charm.

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  4. 5 out of 5

    David Tierney

    WooCommerce memberships and subscriptions are really easy to use and well integrated with the whole WooCommerce experience.

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Customer Access

Can customers have more than one membership?

Yes! Memberships are not tied to a user role, so customers (or any user on your site) can have multiple memberships. They can manage them from the “My Account” section.

When is membership access granted?

Access is granted for any paid order (status is ‘processing’ or ‘complete’).

Can guests purchase memberships?

No, this is not possible because Memberships require user accounts for customers. However, Memberships will prompt customers to create an account during checkout to make this simple.

If a customer tries to purchase a product tied to a membership as guest, the checkout page will force the customer to create an account before they can complete the purchase (as Subscriptions does). Typically, this only adds one field to checkout (for the account password) and looks like the “Create Account?” option is forced.

Can customers upgrade or downgrade memberships?

Customers can upgrade or downgrade memberships if you’re using WooCommerce Subscriptions to sell recurring memberships. Set length memberships cannot be upgraded or downgraded, as Memberships isn’t involved with billing, proration, etc.

If Subscriptions is used, Memberships ties into all Subscriptions actions, so an upgrade or downgrade of a subscription will trigger a change in membership plan. If you don’t want customers to pay a recurring payment, you can configure Subscriptions to only process one charge for the membership, which will still allow you to take advantage of switching (upgrade / downgrade).

Can customers share their login details?

Does Memberships prevent members from sharing their log in credentials?

No, but there’s a great free plugin that already does this: WP Bouncer. This prevents users from logging in from more than one location or device at a time.

Customer Experience

Can I redirect members to their content after purchase?

As a customer can purchase more than one membership at a time, Memberships can’t reliably redirect a customers to members content — a purchase note is a much better solution for this. Ask customers to go to the “My Account” page and click “View” for the membership to see the membership content and perks.

How do I disable discount notices?

Discount notices can be disabled by clearing the discount text. If you leave the discount notices blank under WooCommerce > Settings > Memberships > Products, they will not be shown to non-members.

Can the My Memberships table be removed?

I use subscriptions to manage memberships, so I don’t want to show the “My Memberships” table to customers. Can it be removed?

It can be via a code snippet, but we do not recommend this

First, the “My Memberships” area is needed for members to access the Member Area. Second, Memberships will not show member actions (like “Cancel”) if the membership is tied to a subscription — instead, it will force any cancellation / pausing / etc actions to use the subscription instead in order to keep billing and access in sync.

Admin Management

Can I apply memberships to existing customers?

Yes, Memberships has a couple of tools that will help you grant membership access to customers.

First, you can manually grant membership access to a user under the “Memberships > Members” screen to any membership plan. Second, you can retroactively apply memberships when editing a plan by clicking “Grant Access” for existing purchases – if customers have purchased a product that grants access to the membership in the past, a new membership will be added.

Can I give away free memberships?

Absolutely. You can do so by tying the membership to a free WooCommerce product. We recommend marking this product as “virtual” as well since the Membership does not require shipping. This will let the customer add the free product to the cart and “purchase” it without payment.

If you want to simplify the process even further, you can also create a membership plan that grants access upon “user account registration”. This will create a membership for every registration on your site, such as via the account page, checkout, WP registration, or other processes.

Can I test how members will see my content so I know what it looks like?

Absolutely. As an administrator (or shop manager) user on your site, no content will be restricted to you so that you can easily manage your site. If you want to see what your shop looks like as a non-member, you can log out, use an incognito window, or a different browser to view your site.

To view your site as a member, you can use our User Switching integration to easily impersonate a member. For example, this can let you view your site as a temporary gold member so you can ensure your restriction rules are set up correctly.

Content Protection

Does Memberships protect direct download links?

Memberships does not restrict downloadable file URLs specifically, as (1) it assumes that an URL for a download you’ll share is one that should be “share-able” and not restricted, and (2) directly restricted downloads happens at the server level (outside of PHP, which is the language WordPress / plugins use), so trying to restrict this purely via PHP code isn’t truly possible and would depend on your server configuration.

To protect downloadable files, we typically recommend taking one of these strategies:

  1. Add the file to a free WooCommerce downloadable product, then restrict this product to your membership. This lets members “purchase” the free product to get access to the downloadable files, and they’re protected by WooCommerce’s user authentication for members only.
  2. Use something like the Subscription Downloads plugin to achieve this instead (if your membership will be using Subscriptions). This plugin lets you “assign” downloadable products to a subscription (these products don’t even have to be purchasable). When a user purchases the subscription for your membership, they’ll have a list of the associated downloads available in the account page.

Are comments or RSS feeds restricted?

Any content that is restricted will be removed from your site’s RSS feeds so that it’s protected from non-members.

If the content is restricted, comments on that content will not be shown. If the restriction mode is “Hide content only”, the comments section will be protected with a “comments closed” message until a membership is purchased.

If I restrict a page / post / etc, will the entire page be restricted?

In short, yes. Adding content to restriction rules will hide the entire content, unless your settings show excerpts, in which case the excerpt will be shown.

If you only want to restrict a portion of the content, you can use the plugin’s shortcodes to restrict content sections, or show content sections only to non-members (i.e., log in, content restricted, or upgrade notices).


Does Memberships integrate with BuddyPress?

At present, the only thing Memberships can do is restrict your BuddyPress pages (such as the registration page, your Groups index, or your members list) when the restriction mode is “Redirect to page”. However, the content is still directly accessible, such as using the direct link for a member profile or for a group’s page, so this isn’t truly a solution for using Memberships with BuddyPress.

BuddyPress does not use WordPress custom post types (instead using several custom tables in your database) to store its information, so Memberships will not automatically detect its content for restriction.

Does Memberships work with WPML?

Can I translate Memberships into my language?

Sure thing! Memberships is translation-ready, and the text domain is: woocommerce-memberships Most plugin strings can be translated, though if you use anything other than the default “restriction messages”, you may not be able to translate these dynamically via WPML.

However, all strings included in the plugin are always translatable by any translation plugin (PoEdit, LocoTranslate, etc).

Please note that the plugin is not 100% WPML compatible. We have improved compatibility with a lot of issues, such as using the Members Area with WPML, but not everything (such as duplicated registration-based user memberships with WPML) can be solved on the Memberships side, so WPML would need to add compatibility for other areas on their end.

Does this integrate with WooCommerce Bookings?

Can I restrict bookable products with WooCommerce Bookings?

Yes, a booking type product can be restricted or discounted based on membership plan rules. Note that the booking calendar and price estimate will not be included if purchasing is restricted, but the rest of product details are visible, such as the short description and product tabs.

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