WooCommerce Ipay88 Gateway 1.2.13

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  • Pay88 is a leading payment provider in Malaysia. iPay88 offers many payment options to their clients including credit/debit cards, direct debit for countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, China, and alternative payment options like AliPay, Paysbuy and more.

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    Version: 1.2.13 | License: GNU General Public License v3.0 | Developer: VanboDevelops | Released: 2017/11/02

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    iPay88 is a leading regional Payment Gateway Provider in South East Asia, owned by The Mobile88 Group of Companies.

    iPay88 offers merchants comprehensive online payment options such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers and alternative online payments such as Alipay and Philippines payment options. The payment process uses a redirect approach, customers will be redirected a secure iPay88 page where they will make a payment and then be returned to your store.

    The plugin supports iPay88 Malaysia and Philippines gateways.

    SSL certificate is not required.

    Setup and Configuration

    Main steps to configure the iPay88 extension.

    1. Login to your WooCommerce store.
    2. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout > iPay88.
    3. Enable/Disable iPay88.
    4. Choose which iPay88 gateway you are using.
    5. Set your “Method Title” and “Description”. These options are seen on the checkout page.
    6. Enter your iPay88 Merchant Code.
    7. Enter your iPay88 Merchant Key.
    8. Enable “Debug Log”, if you want to get a log of the request and response steps and parameters.
    9. Save Changes.


    • Enable/Disable
      • Enable iPay88.
    • iPay88 Gateway In Use
      • Which iPay88 gateway are you using? Currently supported are Malaysia and Philippines.
    • Method Title:
      • This controls the title which the user sees during checkout.
    • Description:
      • This controls the description which the user sees during checkout.
    • Merchant Code:
      • The Merchant Code provided by iPay88 and used to uniquely identify the Merchant.
    • Merchant Key:
      • Provided by iPay88 OPSG and shared between iPay88 and merchant only.
    • Available Payment Types:
      • Choose the payment types you can offer to the customers.
      • The Payment types will be presented to the customer to pre-select on the Checkout page.
      • Do not choose any type to use the default selection on the iPay88 payment page.
    • Group Payment Types:
      • This option will allow you to use the css packed with the plugin to group the payment types. It will group the payment types in three columns.
    • Enable Sandbox:
      • Sandbox mode provides you with a chance to test your gateway integration with iPay88. The payment requests will be send to the iPay88 sandbox URL.
      • Disable to start accepting Live payments.
      • Option is only available for iPay88 Philippines.
    • Debug Log:
      • Recommended: Test Mode only.
      • Debug log will provide you with most of the data and events generated by the payment process. Logged inside woocommerce/logs/ipay88.txt.


    What do I provide to iPay88 before the integration?

    iPay88 will ask you to provide:

    • Merchant Checklist:filled in with your merchant and integration information.
    • Request URL:the main page of your website, i.e., http://www.example.com/
    • Response URL:send with the payment parameters, so you do not need to provide them with one.

    I am trying to do a test payment, but I get redirected to my home page. What should I do?

    iPay88 accepts test payments with certain requirements. If those requirements are not met, then iPay88 will return you straight to your Response URL page.

    The requirements are:

    • Total MYR 1.00 ( min PHP 15.00 for iPay88 Philippines ): The total amount of the order should be exactly MYR 1.00
    • Currency MYR ( PHP for iPay88 Philippines ): The currency of the order should be MYRMalaysian ringgit)
    • Testmode: The test mode of the plugin should be turned ON.

    I do not want to show the payment types under the iPay88 payment option. How can I hide them?

    Don’t select a payment type from the “Available Payment Types” setting in the iPay88 plugin settings. This way only the description will be shown under the iPay88 payment option. The payment types are also available on the iPay88 payment page, so they are not mandatory to be present on your WC store checkout page.


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    Product Details

    Version: 1.2.13
    Released: 2017/11/02
    Developer: VanboDevelops
    License: GNU General Public License v3.0
    Sales Page: http://woothemes.com/woocommerce
    Documentation: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/ipay88-payment-gateway