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    Why is it so affordable?

    • All WordPress items such as plugins and themes are licensed under the General Public License (GPL)
    • This means that once we have purchased the item we are free to redistribute it if we choose to do so.
    • Your purchase to our site goes towards maintaining and buying new product to 3rd party theme and plugin authors.
    • This form of crowd funding helps keep prices low and we can then pass this benefit on you.
    • Our products don’t include premium support. That’s why we can offer up to 95% discounts on must-have commercial WordPress plugins.

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Ninja Forms Bundles

NameVersionAuthorPriceAdd To CartRelevance
Ninja Forms BUILDER PRO PACK2018Ninja Forms$99.00 $35.000
Ninja Forms Bundle2018Ninja Forms$400.00 $45.000

Ninja Forms Products

NameVersionAuthorPriceAdd To CartRelevance
Ninja Forms ConvertKit3.0.1The WP Ninjas$49.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Active Campaign3.0.1Alex Vasquez$49.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Secure Form1.1.2Iain Poulson$18.00 $6.000
Ninja Forms Zoho Creator1.1Stuart Sequeira$49.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Zapier3.0.8David Hehenberger$49.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Webhooks3.0.5The WP Ninjas$39.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Vimeo Uploader3.0.2Dave Kiss$49.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms User Analytics3.0.0Patrick Rauland$19.00 $6.000
Ninja Forms White Label1.0.5Patrick Rauland$18.00 $6.000
Ninja Forms Trello3.0.2Iain Poulson$18.00 $6.000
Ninja Forms Text Message Notifications1.1Patrick Rauland$18.00 $6.000
Ninja Forms Table Editor3.0.3Iain Poulson$18.00 $6.000
Ninja Forms Stripe3.0.19The WP Ninjas$49.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms ClickSend SMS3.0.1The WP Ninjas$29.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Recurly3.0.4The WP Ninjas$49.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Twilio SMS3.0.1David Hehenberger$29.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms User Management3.0.10The WP Ninjas$49.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Save Progress3.0.16The WP Ninjas$29.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms EmailOctopus3.0.0The WP Ninjas$29.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms GetResponse1.2.1Aman Saini$19.00 $6.000
Ninja Forms Front-End Posting3.0.7The WP Ninjas$39.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Help Scout3.0.0The WP Ninjas$29.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms IContact1.0Aman Saini$19.00 $6.000
Ninja Forms Layout And Styles3.0.25The WP Ninjas$49.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Mad Mimi1.0.2Patrick Rauland$18.00 $6.000
Ninja Forms MailPoet1.1.3Patrick Rauland$19.00 $6.000
Ninja Forms Multi-Part Forms3.0.24The WP Ninjas$49.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms PayPal Express3.0.14The WP Ninjas$49.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms PDF Form Submission3.0.5Patrick Rauland$39.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Pushover1.0.3Patrick Rauland$14.00 $6.000
Ninja Forms SalesForce CRM3.1.0Stuart Sequeira$49.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Save User Progress1.2.2The WP Ninjas$29.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Sendy3.0Aman Saini$18.00 $6.000
Ninja Forms WebMerge3.0.3The WP Ninjas$39.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Insightly CRM3.2.0Stuart Sequeira$49.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Zoho CRM3.2.1Stuart Sequeira$49.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms MailChimp3.1.7The WP Ninjas$29.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Slack3.0.2The WP Ninjas$19.00 $6.000
Ninja Forms FreshBooks1.0.1Patrick Rauland$24.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms File Uploads3.0.19Iain Poulson$49.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Excel Export3.3.1haet$18.00 $6.000
Ninja Forms Emma3.0.4The WP Ninjas$29.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Elavon3.0.1Stuart Sequeira$49.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Constant Contact3.0.2The WP Ninjas$18.00 $6.000
Ninja Forms Conditional Logic3.0.22The WP Ninjas$49.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms Capsule CRM3.3.0Stuart Sequeira$49.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms CleverReach3.1.3haet$19.00 $6.000
Ninja Forms Campaign Monitor3.0.5The WP Ninjas$18.00 $6.000
Ninja Forms Batchbook CRM1.3.3Stuart Sequeira$49.00 $16.000
Ninja Forms AWeber3.1.1Kathy Darling$19.00 $6.000