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What's up folks I'm Jaymar Cabebe and welcome to Tap that app the show where we feature the juiciest pieces of app on planet Earth Now if you know me then you know I'm an android enthusiast but the thing about Android is that there are like a billion apps with like a skillion more getting added every day and not all of them are cool this means that finding the right app the one that's perfectly tailored to your needs could take you a thousand years literally Well today I'm gonna help you cut through all the clutter with an app that actually helps find the right apps just for you It's called the appreciate Personal App Market and it's essentially an app recommendation engine To get started just download Appreciate and log in with your facebook account you can also log in without facebook but going that route as you can imagine gives Appreciate less data to play with The home screen is where you get your daily recommendations They're based on your profile info the apps currently installed on your device even your facebook friends if they're using Appreciate too you can also see daily new games new apps local favorites and a bunch of other categories It's really a lot of information When you look at a recommendation appreciate will tell you whether it's a strong match or simply a good match and it'll even tell you why Or sometimes it'll give you an app and say take a chance which essentially means it's not a match at all one feature I really love though is Appreciate's shopping cart Whenever you come across an app that you're interested in just add it to your cart then when you're finished browsing you can go back to your cart and install it from there What's interesting though is that the cart actually says Install all Hitting Install all doesn't install all of the apps at once you still have to go in and install each of them individually So if you don't want to sift through literally fifty trillion Android apps then try the Appreciate personal App Market It really works Trust me also it's free and it's available now through Google Play That's it for this week If you've got a fine piece of app that you wanna show me holler at me on the twitter Thanks for watching