euronews hi-tech - 3D facial scanning set to revolutionise surgery

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Hi-tech visitors to London’s science museum are getting the chance to have their faces scanned in 3-D using a series of cameras the unique chance to view and play with their own facial image but this is no vanity project as data from the participants will be used by leading doctors in the treatment of patients with disfigurements and congenital conditions this 3-D photography uses three cameras and they kind of ah capture different points of the face and when you triangulate all the uh six images that the cameras make the three cameras make uhm they form a 3-D image which is what’s behind me and so that’s something it’s almost like a video that you can spin around and you can see your face in 3-D and it’s actually looks very different then a 2-D image Scientist have opened the scans up to the public to get a more comprehensive understanding of the human face and all of its glorious contours for them it really is a case of the more the merrier They hope to create a large database of 3-D faces to redefine facial surgery and potentially change thousands of lives and examining the face without the texture of skin is proving an exciting boon for many well its interesting when you take the texture off so the skin color and the hair you really get to see facial morphology uncolored and so that’s were a lot of the attendance for the scans have really managed to see resemblances within families Millions of tiny triangles join together to create these 3-D models which could revolutionize the treatment of many serious and debilitating conditions all with a little help from the general public