Marc Benioff's Philanthropic Core

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The people in the company the technology of the company are what can be unleashed for philanthropic good you can incredibly talk fast over there at Salesforce you’ve grown this you know a start up into a multibillion dollar company How is your approach to building a philanthropy different then it was building a company well the first day we started Salesforce .com we took a different approach to how we were gonna change the world and that was it’s not just a new business model it’s not new just new technology model it’s also a new philanthropy model So we took one percent of our equity one percent of our profit and one percent of all our employees time we put it into a 51C3 which is Salesforce Foundation today that’s given away more than twenty-five million dollars hundreds of thousands of hours of community service and we serve over twelve thousand non-profits all over the world for free and that’s really been our commitment from the beginning to have this integrated philanthropic approach So why the hospital why are you focusing your efforts there Well you know we’ve done philanthropic work all over the world and we have worked on so many exciting projects but where we’ve had the biggest impact is at UCSF we’ve seen just a huge reception of doing philanthropic work there and then you may know the UCSF is building the only new college campus in the united States which is a five billion dollar effort and as part of the five billion dollar effort there’s a one and a half billion dollar building going in which is a new children’s hospital cancer hospital and women’s hospital and uh so we’re getting behind the children’s hospital Was there a moment that brought a tear to your eye that truly you know brought it close to home and made you really want to to to do this in-particular with the hospital We’ve seen amazing innovation with UCSF Children’s hospital you may know UCSF invented fetal surgery They have the ability to take a fetus that’s in jeopardy open the amniotic sac work on the fetus operate uh do therapy bring it back into the amniotic sac seal it back up and the mother can go all the way to term and have a complete birth That’s the power of the UCSF Children’s hospital that kind of work where you have a research practicing children’s hospital as well as this amazing medical school all tied into one What’s been the most surprising part of the process for you in-particular I think the reception of the community I mean this isn’t just one organization or one person or any one thing it’s everyone coming together to do this So I know you’ve been really critical of Microsoft’s technology , but you know the former head of Microsoft the founder of Microsoft Bill gates has gone on to run his philanthropy full time What have you learned from him in terms of philanthropy that you’re applying I learned that you can actually use your company to be successful that the the power of the company the resources of the company the people in the company the technology of the company is what can be unleashed for philanthropic good you don’t have to wait to retire and leave your company to become a philanthropist you can use the power of your company to change the world