Tech Minute: Electronic-signature apps save time, paper

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SignNow is a free app for both Apple and android phones Besides the beauty of its price this app is incredibly simple to use after it's installed open a document from an email Dropbox or from a photo you've taken of it locate the areas to sign and then tap the signature button Sign it tap OK and then place your signature and adjust its size That's it you can then email the document or save it to your free SignNow account . JotNot signature is an Apple-only app that costs $4 .99 It's similar to SignNow but has a little more functionality Besides just signing forms you can fill them out from the same app and when you're finished you can email print fax or share them with your Dropbox or google Doc account and everything's password protected so no one else can get their hands on your john Hancock Whichever app you choose say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming steps of printing signing faxing or mailing In san Francisco I'm kara Tsuboi CNET .com for CBS News