15 Chihuahuas Fly From SF to NY to Find Home

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more than a dozen chihuahuas got the red carpet treatment at san Francisco's International Airport they were flown aboard virgin Atlantic Airlines to new York where they stand a better chance of finding a good home than they do in california All of these pint sized pets were being cared for at animal shelters in California but officials say there are simply too many chihuahuas and not enough responsible owners It seems like it's a perfect storm It's the kind of thing where hollywood and backyard breeding and some movies and people get little dogs thinking they're gonna be easy to take care of experts say pop culture is largely to blame for the overpopulation of these dogs in California with too many people imitating chihuahua-toting celebrities like paris Hilton Elsewhere however there's a big demand for them In fact when Virgin america put this little guy's picture on its facebook page the response was overwhelming They tell me that facebook said they've never seen something like that and I'm not surprised It's the face that does it It's a pretty cute face they need to be dogs and not stuffed toys After the animals have arrived at new York's Kennedy International airport officials with the ASPCA will help them find some new homes ross Simpson the associated Press