The Black Keys Interview at Austin City Limits

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At the moment we're so busy right now it's just on the road . Is there anything special you particularly like about playing in austin ? Good tacos You can get really good breakfast tacos I like that . We grew up in a place where there was not a lot of music happening so being in a place like this is completely foreign you know Like Akron couldn't even really support one music venue let alone two hundred on one street . No this is a good I'm excited about stuff that's going on . We watched the VMA's separately but in the same hotel and we're texting each other the whole time like oh my god . It's completely weird you know winning a VMA . We didn't think there was any way we were gonna win cause Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga We're two dicks from Ohio who made a ridiculous video But now that we won I think that we're kind of entitled and deserve a lot more success A few friends we have in other bands had expressed frustration that they hadn't won an award and then we expressed frustration that we weren't multi-millionaires to them . You guys had these different artists in different cities doing posters for the whole tour Is that something that did you guys start it ? We had a bunch of people do posters for us and then we just kind of put out feelers to see if people would be interested and it was just like every city there was someone who wanted to make a poster It's fun because we don't see them ahead of time so we get to the show that day and we get to see what the poster looks like that day It's cool . although every song is fun to play but . I don't want to sound cheesy but I like I love playing them all . I like playing She's Long long . The last time I played it , There's a drum solo the entire song . I smashed both of my index fingers doing that song last time . He's a finesse player . yeah Delicate . You've talked a lot about how you loved hip-hop and grew up listening to hip-hop What's the most hip-hop thing about The black Keys ? We're too nerdy to be rappers . We can't fake the funk . It's like if it says we're gonna go on at 9 :05 we go on at like 9 :05 . We run this ship like it's a Wendy's you know what I'm saying We're open for breakfast every single morning