Gotye Talks About 'Somebody That I Used To Know' And Working With Kimbra

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and I don't even need your love but you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough . The thing I feel best about seeing my song you know resonating with more people than any of my previous material has or getting a chance to you know get on the charts and be selling higher and things like that is that it hasn't been by any kind of conscious construction to try and fit the current mold of pop music you know It's taken me by surprise I really didn't expect this song to suddenly you know be a pop crossover song Not a lot of pop music these days that is sort of you know sits at the top of the charts I mean not to say that the lyrics aren't important but I mean it certainly feels to me like there's most of the things people are singing about are being in the club and I'm not much of a sort of club person myself I don't dislike going to clubs but I don't go regularly and I sort of feel like you know it'd be nice if there was some more material that people were engaging with rather than you know what's happening in the club all the time maybe people are looking for a breath of fresh air and if this song is one of the things that you know that has brought that then great I didn't intend it to be a two person song from the start but when I sort of got to to the end of writing the first chorus it didn't feel like there was anywhere else for my character to sort of go It didn't feel like there was anymore story to tell so that prompted me to you know write an alternative perspective the other side of the coin I think Kimbra brought that kind of combination of angst and multiplicity through her voice and interpretation of the lyric that made it have that edge that you know I hoped it would have . and what was the reaction when you said look in the clip we are going to be nude ? She was pretty easy-going I think I emailed it to her and said hey check out this concept I didn't really explain much more she came back going looks great So yeah a very good sport in that regard . I heard about girls crying after my 2008 Laneway festival set because I accidentally forgot to play the song Heart's A Mess not intentionally but I just had a setlist and I didn't look at it at all during the set I just kind of you know absentmindedly skipped past the song that people were looking to hear and walked off stage and then my tech Tom kind of said afterwards interesting decision A few girls were crying that's alright And I'm like what why Cause it was really emotional or something And he's like you know you didn't play Heart's A mess right and I'm like what I was kind of almost zoned out enough to kind of go I didn't I didn't even realize