PAUL Featurette: Behind The Scenes with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

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hello I’m simon Pegg welcome to the set of paul I’ve got to say that this is one of the toughest jobs I’ve ever done in my life The film we are in is called paul and it is an alien road trip fiasco I got it all under control…Aahhhh The film is about two geeky guys that go to area 51 and happen upon a stranded alien and they subsequently help to get back to his ship Can we get this guy back on your wagon This man’s peed his pants yeah he’s got child’s bladder Paul basically arrived in us in 1947 and it crashed He’s been on here for sixty years just sort of like advising the government and the film industry and just hanging out in the base Agent Mulder was right Agent mulder was my idea really Wow yeah Clive Gollings is a science fiction writer ah he’s not a very good one or he’s a very good one and he doesn’t know the difference three tits awesome this is my friend and cohort Mr graeme Willy Graeme’s very sweet He’s an innocent you know he’s just a guy who can’t really function that well because he’s very shy paul enables him to get the confidence to ask a girl out you know because he falls for Ruth the minute he sees her little one eyed form where you boys from england It’s good foreign in America I think some Americans have a funny view of British people that they just think we’re automatically clever We are just a couple of regular guys walking down the street with a small cowboy The sexually dysfunctioning we have bad teeth and our sense of humor is incredibly dry Shoots flaming balls Wooohh let me tell you this happened and…Oh yes absolutely they took the real trip Simon and I have never been on a road trip in a giant RV in the states It was amazing It was brilliant fun and we had such an adventure and every day there was a new experience that fed into the script It’s very action pack you know there’s lots going on in this movie Put your hands together and enjoy our movie paul Want to send me to outer space…I like this song stoke the fire find another race