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I thought I told you go to bed you told me to go to bed you didn’t say get into bed it’s not specific Milo It wasn’t a good thing to say I’m gonna go tell her I’m sorry Mom mom Let her go let me go I’m in a space ship I’m just messing with you ha ha ha welcome to Mars fact is Mar’s needs moms so the aliens are stealing them from Earth to raise their own kids who knew mothering was so hard huh ha ha ha Mar’s needs Moms is a magnificent adventure I play Milo who’s a nine year old boy who’s mother gets abducted by aliens And through the adventure of being on mars he learns how much his mother’s love means to him I’m just trying to find my mom she’s the one who feeds me she vacuums the house No our hero has to go forth in this hostile environment and save his mother There’s that bleached prune lady man Mars needs Botox whoa I’ve always looked at Bob Zemeckis as a hero and pioneer in filmmaking he has consistently made mind blowing movies that have a Sci-Fi bent but never neglect the human component this is exactly according to my plan He had such a vision for this world it’s incredible You’re in good hands with Zemeckis this is gonna be Gribble-tastic ha ha ha The absurd reality of the movie just lends itself to fantastic comedy and quirky characters Don’t worry buddy I’ve got you boop Ah I’ve pushed the wrong one oh my gosh The humor in this one’s everywhere I’ve got this ship under control I’m good It’s hysterical Right on We’ve got a beat feet what is she talking about I’m a soul…They’re gonna spot you they’re gonna chase you and shoot at you this is going to be awesome You have to look forward to fun adventure great performances spectacular 3-D It’s very very exciting and I get to play a nine year old boy and they’re all Martians we’re on mars that’s what this movie is You’re gonna go places you’ve never went before led through it by this kid who has this absolute determination to save his mom dude you march like a girl