Mansome Official Trailer #1 - Morgan Spurlock Documentary (2012) HD

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what do you think makes a man ? I wish I had your manly voice . Oh come on Jason . No you just went you're going lower there you know . No I'm not . You know being a man today means a different thing than it did at any time through history . real men don't tweet . more and more guys have begun to groom . back sack and crack Alright . It ain't healthy and it ain't right . The mustache it's a distinct thing . I look like a pervert . you can't let the mustache wear you you've got to wear the mustache . This is just how a human male looks . I can get rid of this beard in a second with a razor easily . I love men that use products . What it is is it's a product that you use for the groin area . you think your pubes know the difference between a shot of shampoo and a shot of shower gel ? you know what give me something with some meat on its bones like Aqua Velva . My dad always smelled like garlic and diesel fuel . aqua Velva . I don't have any ear hair yet though . No no me neither God we've got a lot in common . You think mustaches are good on fellas I kinda like it It fits you I'm gonna embrace my inner porn star . society has been very rigid about the role of men Those rules have been lifted . I think you try to look good to meet a woman or you try to look good so the woman doesn't run away . On a scale to one to ten how do I think I look ? To certain people I probably am a one and then to other people I'm a strong two . what do you think works best with my face Cause this has been not doing well for me for . A hood