Joel Courtney 'Super 8' Interview

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Go I saw it no one believes me I believe you What the hell It’s called super 8 that’s the name of the movie and uhm it’s about a group of kids who are shooting a movie And uhm it’s just a random set of events and just like totally insane My character’s joe Lamb and uh my dad’s the sheriff of the town and uhm the main quality that I bring to the movie the kids are making is the makeup The kids are shooting the movie at the train tracks because Charles is talking constantly about production value and uhm so that’s where we’re shooting and then uh the train crashes and uhm it just like sets an on moving like continuous thing of like adventure from like their for the kids it just keeps getting worse and worse My dad is played by kyle Chandler and he is such a cool guy uhm he I mean they couldn’t of chosen a better guy its it’s totally cool he is awesome I like him a lot and he runs over lines together when we have scenes together and stuff like that we run over lines together he’s so cool It was insane it was a complete adrenaline rush it was incredible it was so much fun we were just running around away from tanks and explosions and air force men We have to find this thing I don’t feel good about this Go I saw it no one believes me I believe you What the hell