Katy Perry Talks About Having Babies

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and then you and Russell have to talk at night because you’re apart a lot so you must be on the phone… yes well well because I’ve sang then so afterwards I don’t feel too bad It’s just when I wake up…I see then I don’t I don’t talk But yea I saw him He’s actually yea I saw him yesterday… You saw him yesterday yes And how long has it been since you saw him two weeks That’s the longest we’ve ever gone So you try to just do a two week Yea ,anything longer than that is not fun Yea that’s really hard Yea He’s adorable I just love him you know that Oh thank you he’s mine Yea yea ok That’s ok I’m alright So… Congratulations one year anniversary for you and Russell and… thank you You’re going to get to spend time together now yea Finally Do you Do you want to have a family Is that something you all talk about That you want to have children yea I would love to have children I think that’s one of the reasons you get married and especially to the person you marry you think hmm that person’s going to be a good partner or a good you know parent But I I’m not sure it’s yet but we’ll see Do you want like a lot of kids Or do you just want… If it doesn’t hurt the first time I’ll keep popping them out It will hurt Ok well we’ll see I’ve heard that it hurts Ok yea word around town is that it hurts We’ll see but people keep doing it anyway they don’t care I know well well I hope that you do start a family because I think both of you would be great parents… thank you so much… will be lovely parents and we got you an anniversary gift The first there’s either paper or clock Ok So let’s bring the clock out and it’s a very special clock So it’s a cuckoo clock And then… Oh it’s russell Yea perfect Alright that is a…That is a beautiful gift and he’s perfect to be the cuckoo The cuckoo clock Yes