First Look: Wii U at E3 2012

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hey what's up guys It's brian Tong here at E3 2012 and what we have here is a first look at the Nintendo wii U gamepad and some of the experiences that Nintendo is showcasing off here at the show Now we first wanted to talk about the gamepad this is the final version of what we expect to see We'll see the two dual analog sticks here that you can push in and press as buttons themselves They moved in the D-pad and the face buttons as well Some other unique characteristics about this actual gamepad is the fact that Nintendo wants you to use this more than just gaming So down here on the corner you'll see this TV button What that allows you to do is use this as a remote to replace your current television remote and you have this kind of unique spot here this is an NFC spot for near-field communications where if you have something like an item or a card it can scan and exchange data between that and that opens up a lot of possibilities to potential games or information so this is really a great controller On the back side we have here they kind of added this rounded surface I guess you could call them handle bulges to really make it feel more comfortable in your hand and you'll see the two triggers here Now when we talk experiences with the nintendo Wii U gamepad one of the things that you can do here this is obviously a second screen so there's a game where you have these ninja stars you fling them from the screen on this gamepad on to your television screen to knock down ninjas We also had another experience where you using the actual gamepad experience a totally different thing than the other people where we were walking through a forest and slaying enemies but this used a crossbow the screen allowed you to aim at specific targets and shoot them So that allows you if you have a gamepad to really do something different than your other friends with just a standard nintendo Wii controller So up to this point we still have not heard any official release date or pricing for the Nintendo wii U game system We're hoping to hear that soon But there you have it a first look at the nintendo Wii U gamepad and some of the experiences that you guys can expect to see coming soon