Bethenny Frankel: Beyond Reality TV

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My life is definitely an open book and I am the queen of too much information and everyone has seen me go through the biggest life changes that I've ever had and that is liberating because you can just be honest and be free about who you are and help other people to be honest about who they are . wow And it definitely worked for you on the cover of Forbes Magazine congratulations What does that feel like ? being on the cover of forbes Magazine would be the pinnacle I've been on the cover of several magazines but I've always really wanted to be known as a business person a credible business person in business publications not just gossip and fun and what was I wearing and who was I dating That's all what it is but at the forefront I'm a business person before just about anything else . which one of your projects would you think is your most successful to help you get to where you are today ? The one idea that I've had in my career that I think was the pinnacle and kind of a turning point was the Skinnygirl margarita It's just it's the girl who people wanna be immediately when you say Skinnygirl everyone understands what it means it's not about being a skinny girl it's about a lifestyle it's about some fun and freedom and just there's a carefree attitude about it and it just you just know who the Skinnygirl is . ten years from now where do you see yourself ? Ten years from now I might be winding down from a very successful talk show and deciding to retire and kind of get back to my private life and my husband and I just maybe travel the world or do whatever we wanna do with the baby Or babies