Anne Sweeney On Being Curious

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To have influence you really don’t need to have power but what you need more than anything else is to have that almost uncanny understanding of what matters to people or what could matter to people to really have your finger on the pulse and really understand the environment around you you have been described as a leader who can be incredible motivating in building a team How did you develop that ability I think I’ve developed that ability because I’m naturally curious And I’ve always been driven by my curiosity I’ve always been drive by well how does that camera work Why does it work that way Can we open it up can we take a look at it well okay I know it does this but how can we make it do this because this is really what we need and I find that it’s curiosity that gets people excited , curiosity leads to new idea curiosity leads to new jobs new industries and it perpetuates itself because it’s this never ending cycle of what if and followed by why not Do you see yourself as a television executive or how do you look at yourself in the context of the voice that media platforms create you know I moira I really see myself as a communication or a a great communicator ah on my best days because I am helping convey entertainment I’m helping convey news and information in many different forms Some of it is on television some of it is in books some some of it’s on radio and then it’s delivered by a multitude of devices So what started out as a job in television is no longer defined by a specific device but really by more the category that that I’m delivering at the time How would you describe your journey and what advice would you give to others I’ve had a great journey and I think I’ve had a great journey because I never hesitated to ask a question ever I believe the smartest thing that you can ever do is to constantly ask questions especially when you’re uncertain or you’re going into a new area or you’re or you’re trying something new find the people inside your team the people who work for you the people who work alongside you and and the people above you ask the questions and listen very carefully to their advice The second thing is to make sure that your communication on every single level is operating at its most effective that when you speak you speak with clarity constantly engage your team in a communication Because I think one of the things that I’ve seen kill companies and kill careers is isolation I think I was inspired by my family’s dinner table because there was a high a high degree of communication always with my brother my sister and my parents and I think that made us a great family and I think it also helped me put together a great team