Suze Orman - 4 Oct - Attitude On Personal Financ

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Hi everybody I'm suze Orman and you are watching The suze Orman Show but here is the question for all of you why are you watching The Suze Orman show Yes yes I know there are many of you watching because you wanna really learn about finances You wanna hear what other people are doing and hopefully you wanna learn from their mistakes or the things they've done well but there are many of you that are watching to hear the segment and watch the segment Can I afford It you know that segment where you call in you tell me what it is that you wanna buy and I tell you if you can afford it or not That is the most popular segment on this show But I wanna talk to you about that segment because I have to say it's not just about can you afford this thing that you wanna buy it's about can you afford your life Please listen to me right now I know that you work hard and I know that you wanna buy these things and I know that one of the biggest mistakes that you make is you're making a certain amount of money right now and the truth of the matter is you can afford the payment for a new car right now you can afford in your mind to finance new furniture that you put on your credit cards cause you can afford the payment on that credit card right now But it's not about right now It's about what happens if you get sick you die you get laid off so here are the questions that I want you to ask yourself Not can I afford it but can you afford your life Can you afford to live if you get sick all of a sudden you can't work anymore you don't even have enough money for health insurance now you're in the hospital now all these things are going on the medical bills are piling up what happens to your life Can you afford your life if you get laid off and now you're laid off you no longer have a paycheck coming in you don't have any savings or emergency accounts you have credit card debt you're upside down on your mortgage you have all this furniture in this beautiful home that you can't afford anymore but you don't have a payment you don't have any money coming in to afford your life these are the questions that you have got to ask You get sick you get laid off you get you know you know you die Things happen can your family afford it So before you do anything from this day forward this isn't about things you hear me say it at the end of every show people first then money then things when I'm talking about people I'm talking about you I'm talking about the quality of your life and the quality of your life depends on the money coming in and the money going out just for you to sustain yourself to feed yourself to shelter yourself to put gasoline in your car to make sure that you and your family are ok So the question is can you afford your life and I hope with every decision that you make you come back to that question so the answer is absolutely