Whose Line is it Anyway? Stephen Colbert

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hey welcome back tho Whose Line Is It anyway the show where everything's made up where the points don't matter If you're keeping score at home medical help is on the way Don't argue with them just go where they tell you to We're gonna start off the second half of the show with a game called Props one of my favorite games Come and get your props this is for Ryan and Stephen this is your prop Ryan and Stephan Wayne and Colin this is your props And the idea is you have to come up with as many funny things to do with these props back and forth as they can I'll buzz them in between ryan and Stephen go ahead and start boy you guys are really cutting back at this airport huh Don't worry Adam it's a designer fig leaf forgive me father for I have sinned welcome to midget Jamaica well your loan is approved Whoever killed these smurfs meant business I'm so glad you stopped by I'll get you some tea what is De Moines I have brought you the head of Woody Woodpecker 24 36 hut hut hut Ok thank you very much that was great A thousand points a piece or if you're watching in Canada ten thousand points a piece