Best Morgan Freeman impression EVER

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now you do know that the other night maybe a week ago Geoff the robot here did a morgan Freeman voice all night . Did he ? yeah I don't know . did he sound like morgan Freeman ? well I think maybe if we could talk him into doing it a little bit know you could maybe judge it Do you mind ? No I don't . Let's see what he . would you like to hear my Morgan Freeman voice See when I open my mouth it makes everything sound smart . That's outstanding Geoff ! yeah he is outstanding It's very very good . first time I've ever heard myself from the outside . Yeah There's through the wormhole keyhole right there That's that's freak you out that would ! That would . Yeah ! well what do you want to say to yourself ? Yeah what would you say ? I don't know Think of something nice . alright Let's talk about Craig Ferguson . No ! Go ahead I dare you . Damn you look good ! He is pretty good