Jaguar On The Prowl

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So david tell me a little bit about what’s going on with Jaguar you know it’s an exciting time for the brand uhm we’ve got great products The products that we have today are the best that we’ve ever had in our history you know great design luxurious the performance is incredible and what we wanted to do was bring that to life in a TV spot And the new TV sport is jaguars at Play it shows the cars performing on a mountain road it shows them in an urban environment it shows them as animate things as almost alive if you will it shows you know what jaguar represents today I think there’s a soul and a passion to jaguar that might not exist in some of our competitors So let’s talk about media strategy and digital strategies what are you doing in that area Right so as as you know the car buying experience has changed dramatically in the last ten years today they are going through that experience in the digital space I think the latest statistic I’ve seen is on average when someone buys a car they make one point two visits to the dealership so in other words when they walk into the dealership they’ve been they’ve had multiple touch points with the brand be in it the digital space be it in the experiential space and so that they they understand what they’re they’re walking into and they’re they’re in some sense ready to continue down the path and make the transaction this is an area it’s one of these foundational areas that we just haven’t paid enough attention to We haven’t you know people want to share their Jaguar story and we haven’t invested in that area to give them the content to give them the platforms to share that story use the word of mouth get them to be advocates for our brand and so that’s I think our challenge in the digital space is to deliver that brand experience tell them about the brand let them engage with it and really deeply understand what jaguar means today and then share that experience within a social network you came from Porsche correct So what’s been you experience in making that transition and sort of why did you want to go to jaguar what was it about this company and this market and challenge that really attracted you based on your prior prior experience In this industry there’s not many opportunities to take a brand like this an iconic brand like Jaguar and turn it around uhm and to be a part of that and I think that Jaguar is honestly on the verge of doing something very special in the auto industry And when you know when they rang me up you know I said okay Jaguar and I listened and I really understood what that opportunity was and you know it was a no brainer I wanted to be a part of it and as far as your target market is that changing at all our our demographics are changing actually uhm our customers are getting younger uhm within the premium automotive segment we’re the only brand that actually has a declining average age Now we’re still a little bit above our competition but when you look at our products you look at the excitement that they convey If you look at some of the future products that we’ve uh shown at at uh at the LA show for example uhm it’s clearly going to bring a younger buyer into the brand Uhm and not radically younger but it’s certainly gonna move us into that sweet spot uh in the premium segment where we think we can compete with all the best competitors in the world and who would you consider as your biggest competitor right now I mean you know clearly we’re looking at the audi Mercedes bmw uhm you know those you know they have a strong hold of the luxury segment the segments that we operate in uhm you know those you know they have a strong hold on the luxury segment the segments that we operate in uh they tend to be the market share leaders in in those segments and uh you know that’s who you know we think we can compete with them certainly the product can and now we just need the brand to compete as well So will you extend this campaign into 2012 and what can we expect to see as far as advertising from Jaguar We will uhm we we will continue you it uhm we will have the same type of messaging we’ll actually start to evolve it uhm I can’t reveal to much uh right now but look for a major new push from us in the spring in terms of reviving the brand and then we have several new product introductions as I mentioned coming over the next eighteen months that are gonna give that spark to the brand if you will