2013 Honda Fit EV - Electric Vehicle Demonstration Program

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I'm steve center vice president of the environmental business development office at american Honda This has been a really big week for American honda and the Fit EV as we kick off the electric vehicle demonstration program . I'm rolf Schreiber I'm a technical program manager here at google I work on electric transportation initiatives our G Bus shuttle system actually brings in approximately thirty percent of our workforce to the mountain View campus every day and one of the real perks for being an alternative commuter is you get to use the G fleet car sharing vehicles G fleet has pretty much established itself as one of the more progressive car sharing programs here for corporate america and the hallmark of our fleet is plug-in vehicles Googlers are by nature very very engaged with being early adopters of new technology they're technology geeks and if today is any indication about Googler receptiveness to plug-in vehicles and to the fit especially it's just gonna be a wonderful experience . My name is Martin Steinert I'm acting assistant professor here at mechanical engineering and we are here at the automotive innovation facility at stanford University This is a facility which is relatively new and it's a place to meet for any kind of Stanford research for who's actually interested in doing research on cars with cars on car interaction Having the fit EV physically here at stanford is critical for our project as we are trying to understand how the human/car interaction in an electric vehicle actually works We're using physiology data combined with psychological survey instruments in order to try to identify the emotional state of the driver at a certain point in time The overall aim is to get a realtime feedback on the emotional state that would allow us to interact with the car to try to eliminate or at least decrease the anxiety level of the driver to a certain amount . Hi I'm mayor Frank Scotto of the city of Torrance being part of this program along with Google and Stanford pretty prestigious company to be a part of and torrance gets the opportunity to try this vehicle out and use it in all of our different departments to see how well it can be used in municipalities The city of Torrance years ago signed the Kyoto protocol and we believe that this is really gonna be the future for municipalities Having electric vehicles will make us green sustainable and we're very excited for the city of Torrance to be a part of this program . It's been an incredible week and working with Google and Stanford and the city of Torrance I think we're going to get an enormous amount of very useful information during the test drive program and I'm looking forward to the things that we learn and what we do with them